Kristin + Nate Engagement

These two. Lawd have mercy. After rescheduling FOUR TIMES due to mostly weather, we were finally able to make Kristin and Nate’s engagement session happen! We had been planning this for months now. Then the big day finally came. No chance of rain in the weather (HALLELUJAH).

I was literally en route to their session when Kristin, very nonchalantly I might add, text messaged me to inform me that they “brought an accessory”. If you’re like me, you probably thought it was a dog or other pet. WRONG!

I rolled up to our location and there sat this red, shiny, beauty. UM WUT?!

You guys - IF YOU HAVE A COOL CAR, DON’T YOU DARE KEEP IT FROM ME! You will literally make my heart skip beats if you choose to include it into some photos. Not only is it unique, but it also gives the chance to allow something super special to be captured in your story.

Ladies - if your guy isn’t the “picture” type, this is your chance. Bribery at its finest! I’m willing to bet he will jump at it ;)