Jill + Kaleb's Surprise Proposal

Jill, Kaleb, and I had their couples session scheduled for WEEKS. Unfortunately, the weather did not want to cooperate each time the day of her session came! We ended up rescheduling about FOUR times and it seemed like the weather was finally going to be nice to us so we could shoot. I was so excited to finally make this happen for them!

Two days prior to their session, I had a notification on my phone. It was a Facebook message from Kaleb. I glanced down to see what was up and I read, “How do you feel about a surprise proposal at the end of our photos?”. I literally did a happy dance in my seat, screamed, and was SO, SO, excited. I had been wanting to shoot a surprise proposal FOREVER and God was finally going to bless me with one! Of course I told him “YES” and we briefly discussed details.

The day of their session came. We were set to begin at 7:15pm in downtown Oxford. I had planned to walk around the town with them and wrap it up at the beach. As the sun was setting. The perfect way to end and the perfect proposal scene!

I got in my car at 6:15 and started heading to Oxford. I noticed some ugly clouds so I pulled over and quickly checked the weather. Low and behold - thunderstorms in the vicinity. DUE TO BEGIN AT EXACTLY 7:15PM. However, the radar showed no rain/thunderstorms over Denton. I called Jill and told her we had a change of location plans, but to let me think about the PERFECT spot. I had one hour to decide.

Frantically, I called my good friend Julie. “I need help”, I said. “I need a secluded, quiet, location in Denton and I am out of ideas”. She made a few calls for me and got right back to me with an address. I passed it along to Jill and told me to meet me there soon.

The sun disappeared and the clouds filled the sky, but at least it wasn’t raining! I treated Jill & Kaleb’s session just like my typical couples session. Toward the end though, before the BIG MOMENT, the clouds cleared. The sun was shining the prettiest golden light. I exclaimed to Jill & Kaleb that we would be losing light soon, so that we would be wrapping things up after this one last pose. I instructed Kaleb to pull her in close. Look deep into her eyes. And to whisper something special in her ear.

“Will you marry me?” he whispered.

It was, by far, one of the sweetest things I have EVER had an opportunity to witness and I am SO, SO glad that I could capture it for them to cherish forever.

CONGRATULATIONS Jill & Kaleb! And thank you for allowing me to be part of such an intimate moment. I will never forget it! <3