Katie - Ocean City, MD

Over the weekend I went to Ocean City, Maryland to spend some time with my friend Katie! She and I had met when we worked together a few years ago and then life happened and we kind of drifted. She was busy with nursing school, I was busy being a mom/wife, I had moved from Maryland to Virginia - there wasn't time for the same life we used to live.

We spent Friday evening driving 90 streets on the hunt for late night Chinese food. Only to learn that there was a Chinese takeout right across from our condo the entire time. We spent Saturday trying not to blow away. The wind gusts were 35-40mph at times and the waves were an easy 6ft high. I had never witness the ocean like that in all my life. We also rode through some very wealthy neighborhoods admiring the water front homes as we sipped on Dunkin's iced coffee (there's literally nothing better). We somehow managed to get some pictures in, despite the wind/waves, and even though this is a more "personal" post, I'd love to share them with you. 


Enjoy! :)