Kalyn - Ft. Monroe, VA

The morning of Kalyn's session, it was rainy. It was wet, it was grey, it was ugly, and I was certain we were going to have to cancel her session. I'm so glad we didn't! Within a few hours, the sky cleared up, the clouds went away, and it was as if we skipped Fall and Winter and went right to Spring! It was GORGEOUS outside - about 73 degrees, abundant sunshine, and a light breeze. Perfection!

When I walked up to Kalyn, I was for sure that she had gotten her hair and makeup professionally done a few hours before her session. I was so shocked to learn that she in fact did it herself. So much talent! I was impressed. We walked all over Fort Monroe, taking advantage of the beautiful day we were blessed with and taking advantage of the gorgeous scenery. Tall, brick, historic buildings towered above us. The beach was quiet, the water was calm, and in the distance there were dolphins. I seriously could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

I am so stoked to have had the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous young lady - enjoy!