Kat - Smithfield, VA

Thanks to the crazy, interchanging weather forecasts here in Virginia (and probably everywhere else, too) we came close to canceling this session. So glad that we didn't, because it turned out amazing! The sky stayed dark and it drizzled the entire time, but that didn't stop us. Smithfield was quiet - the majority of the shops closed, the streets were empty, but that was a big advantage to us! We had free range and we utilized every cool spot that we found. I can't tell you enough how much I love this town. It's so tiny, yet so fun and best of all - so beautiful. We ended our session with a yummy frozen treat from a tiny little ice cream parlor. Kat was anxious to tear into that thing, but I had to get some fun shots first. Had a lot of fun with this session despite the yucky weather! Thanks again, Kat - enjoy!

Amanda KorellComment