When Maddie first emailed me, I was so excited! It's not very often that I get couples who come to me wanting pictures taken, so I was happy. Then I found out that Maddie is also a photographer within the area. Suddenly my feelings went from happy & excited, to happy, excited, nervous, intimidated, ohmygodshesaphotographertoo, I can't mess this up, etc. I had never photographed another photographer before! Despite the fact that I was very nervous, I was flattered that another photographer actually liked my work. She liked my style! And she booked me! It was kind of a big deal!!!

Then came the morning of her 8:30am session. I peered out my bedroom window at 7:00am and saw absolutely nothing but a dark, overcast sky. I'm not talking about a slight overcast where the sun is visible from time to time - it was so dark that it almost looked like this session was going to need to be rescheduled. I messaged Maddie asking what she wanted to do. I thought for sure she would want to wait until we had some warm sunshine, but she decided to roll with it! 

When Maddie arrived I was immediately relieved. She was so happy, so bubbly, and so friendly! She and her husband were so nice and all my worries just went out the door.

It even started to rain at one point, but none of us really even paid any mind. We continued to talk, laugh, and snap photos. It was such a fun session and now I'm wondering why I was even nervous to begin with.

Maddie - Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to capture memories for you and Cody. You two are the sweetest couple and I am so flattered that you chose me to be YOUR photographer for the day! <3


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