Shenandoah Valley Adventure

This is a personal post, but it was too exciting not to share! On Saturday, my husband and I had a spur of the moment urge to go to Shenandoah National Park. Neither one of us had ever been! I did a little poking around on the internet and discovered that NOW was the time to go if you wanted to witness the fall foliage and all the beauty that comes along with it. We woke up Saturday morning at 5am, got dressed, packed some snacks and lunches, got the little one dressed and ready, and then we hit the road. The drive was not bad at all - only took us a little over 3 hrs to get there. We drove along Skyline Drive and could not believe how gorgeous it was. Seeing this kind of place was unreal - I thought places like this only existed in movies! Our first hike was to Black Rock Summit. I strapped little Ty in the baby carrier on my back and we headed into the woods. The trail was a little over a mile long, but was moderate and easy enough to hike for a beginner. (Trust me - neither one of us are claiming to be experienced hikers.) The view from the top was mind blowing. It's amazing how small it makes you feel! 

The next trail that we hiked was to the Doyle River Waterfall. This one was a little harder - especially with a toddler on your back. The entire hike to the waterfall was downhill 1,800 feet. No big deal going down! But coming up? That was an entirely different story. The waterfall was gorgeous and the sound of the water flowing over the rocks was mesmorizing. We stayed down by the water for a bit, but then decided it was time to start heading back if we wanted to make it out of there by dark. Hiking up the mountain was exhausting. I can't even explain how steep it was. Just imagine - climbing UP a mountain with elevation of 1,800ft! Needless to say, we had to stop quite a few times to rest.

At the end of our "adventure" the sun really starting to come out and created a beautiful golden glow among the valley. It was a circus of colors and I am so glad we took this extremely spontaneous trip. 


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