Celyse - Ft. Monroe, VA

I love having Celyse in front of my camera.

When the warm weather starts to turn chilly, things get really slow for me. People don't care to stand out in the freezing cold and pose for photos - and I don't blame them! However, I get the itch that needs scratched. The itch to pick up my camera and create fun, creative photos. If you're a fellow photographer reading this, then you probably know what I mean! It's like an addiction that you can't shake. You NEED to photograph someone. You NEED to go home and pop that memory card into your computer. You NEED to sit down with a cup of coffee and edit until your eyes can't even see straight any more. And if you aren't able to fulfill that "addiction"... that "itch"... then you just fall into this deep, depressing abyss and life just stinks. That's really what it feels like! And thankfully, when I start to get that way, I send this pretty lady a text and she's right there. 


Amanda Korell2 Comments